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The treasure of white tea – Anji white tea

The treasure of white tea - Anji white tea

White tea is a type of tea. It is a slightly fermented tea and is a low-temperature sensitive tea. The time for tea trees to produce white tea is relatively short, usually about one month. Taking the place of origin, Anji County, Zhejiang Province, as an example, due to the lack of chlorophyll in spring, the buds that germinate before the Qingming Festival are white; after the processed and prepared tea leaves are steeped, the bottoms of the leaves also appear jade-white. This is the unique characteristic of Anji white tea.

Anji white tea refers to the buds and leaves of the “Baiye No. 1” tea tree in the administrative area of Anji County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. It is generally not cured or excessively rolled after picking, and is simply processed after being dried in the sun or slow fire. of tea.

Anji white tea has jade-white buds, green-veined leaves, rich aroma, mellow taste, and unique style. The leaves are jade-white and the veins are green, with obvious characteristics, especially the fragrant tender fragrance, fresh and mellow taste and sweet aftertaste. Many tea lovers describe it as more delicious than chicken soup.

The tea polyphenols of Anji white tea are water-soluble substances. Washing your face with tea can whiten the skin and resist aging. The tea polyphenols also have anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects. Tea aminobutyric acid can lower blood pressure, blood lipids, and blood sugar.

Anji white tea contains high fluoride, which can protect and strengthen teeth. The lipopolysaccharide in tea has radiation protection effect, and trace elements and tea-like polyphenols can enhance memory and protect nerve cells. The tannic acid in tea has a bactericidal effect and can remove odors.

A large number of scientific studies have proven that the amino acid content of Anji white tea is 6.25%-10.6%, which is 3-5 times that of ordinary green tea.

According to research, the white tea with “high quality and small quantity” described by Zhao Ji, Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty, in “Daguan Tea Theory” is Anji white tea.

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