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Yixing Handmade Purple Clay Pot, Vermilion Mud, Dahongpao Ball Hole, Water Discharge, Large Mouth Ladle Pot, Kung Fu Tea Set


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  • Capacity: 151-200ml
  • Material: Purple Clay
  • Brand Name: NoEnName_Null
  • Origin: Mainland China

Yixing Handmade Purple Clay Pot, Vermilion Mud, Dahongpao Ball Hole, Water Discharge, Large Mouth Ladle Pot, Kung Fu Tea Set, Chinese Tea Pot 190ml

【 Product Name 】Large mouthed ladybird
【Mud】Zhu Ni Da Hong Pao
【Inner wall】 Yes
【Water outlet】Ball hole water outlet
【Capacity】 190cc ± 10cc
【 Origin 】 Yixing, China
【 Size 】 Total diameter: 11.8cm Caliber: 6.2cm High:6.8cm

Attention everyone, before unpacking, please take a video of unpacking to retain evidence. If you receive a damaged teapot, please contact customer service on the same day.

Note:(Only one teapot for one price)

1. Due to the difference of light and screen, the color of the product may be slightly different from the picture.
2. Due to manual measurement, please allow a difference of 1-2 cm.
3.The teapot does not have much luster before it is soaked in tea. It will become more and more shiny only after it has been soaked in tea for a long time. If you don’t understand something, you can ask the customer service. Please don’t give a bad comment at will. Thank you very much!
4. From a physical perspective, the sudden cracking of a purple clay teapot refers to the contraction of the teapot during sudden cooling and heating, which is most likely caused by uneven heating and cooling. Therefore, before using a purple clay teapot, warm water should be poured onto the outside of the teapot, and then warm water should be injected into the teapot. Then, the teapot should be shaken to evenly heat the entire body of the teapot before it can be officially used, This way, the teapot will not suddenly crack after a period of use.
5. Please use the teapot according to the method I taught. If the teapot is not used according to the method we taught and cracks appear after a period of use, we will not return or refund it.
6. Please inspect the teapot on the day it is received, and if there are any issues, please report them to customer service in a timely manner. Customer service will arrange for returns and refunds.

How to open a pot and keep a pot

Open the pot (cup) in three steps
1. Dip it in cold water and boil it for another 5 minutes to clean up the dirt on the inner wall of the pot;
2. Put about 2g of tea leaves into the boiling pot and cook for 10 minutes to set the taste;
3. Take it out and let it dry naturally, clean the inside and outside of the pot with clean water, and it can be used normally.

Six elements of keeping a pot (cup)
1. Pour out the tea dregs after making each tea, rinse the teapot with water, and clean the inside and outside of the teapot.
2. After making the tea, do not soak the tea soup in the pot. Be sure to pour out the tea residue and tea soup and rinse with hot water.
Pour the inside and outside of the pot, and then drain the water.
3. Keep the pot dry and avoid accumulation of moisture, so that the pot can have a natural luster.
4. Wash the teapot when not in use and place it in a ventilated and dry place, so as not to affect the moisturizing feeling of the surface of the pot.
5. Avoid cleaning and scrubbing the teapot with chemical detergents. This will not only wash off the tea flavor that has been absorbed in the pot, but even scrub off the tea.

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-1. Purple sand is fragile, please check carefully when you sign for it. If it is damaged, please take a photo and give it to the customer service staff on the same day.

-2. This teapot is more suitable for brewing cooked Pu’er tea, old white tea, black tea, etc. It is recommended to use one pot and one tea.

-3. Manual measurement, firing shrinkage, deviation in milliliters is a normal phenomenon.

-4. About return: If you are not satisfied with the teapot and need to return it, please pay the freight by yourself. When returning, please pack the goods to avoid damage. If the seller receives the damaged teapot, it will not be refunded, please note!!! Mind buying carefully!!!

-5. About the price: the products sold in this store are authentic, and are made with good materials and workmanship, so the price will be on the high side. If you mind buying carefully!!!

The following is the process of making a purple clay teapot, you are welcome to watch.


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