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Gaiwan Kung Fu Teacups 5oz Cup and Saucer Set Porcelain Chinese RU YAO Hand-Draw Ceramic Drinking Ware


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  • Ceramic Type: Porcelain
  • Technique: Handpainted
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Origin: Mainland China


Size: 3.9″(W)*3.5″(H)(with cover and Saucer)

Lead Free ECO-friendly.
Material: Porcelain.
The cracks on the cup are decorative cracks naturally formed during firing

No harmful substances are produced during use.

Exquisite workmanship glazed smooth
Chinese Traditional Style Vintage

Craftsmanship:Ru Yao, hand-painted on porcelain with rich mineral paint, and repeatedly calcined

How to use the gaiwan:

When using a bowl, the water should not be too full (cover the lid and the water will not overflow).

When pouring water, Use your fingers against the Teacup mouth edge(Teacup mouth is wider,it is good for Prevent burns and pour tea better) to ensure that the water does not burn your fingers.

Then tilt the lid slightly and use your finger against the top of the lid to control the flow of water.

Hoping it is helpful to you.

About RU YAO:

The Ru kiln located in Linru County of Central China’s Henan Province represented another major celadon school that rose in northern China in the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Ru Kiln refers to a official kiln in Linru County catering to the Northern Song rulers; the kiln’s products were known as Ru ware porcelain.
The Northern Song rulers, considering the white porcelain vessels of Dingzhou unsuitable for use because of their rough mouth-rims, sent personnel to establish kilns in Ruzhou to manufacture celadon. In the eyes of the people of the Song Dynasty, the celadon of Ru ware ranked first in quality among all northern celadon ware.


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