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2023 year Qimen Black Tea


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Origin: Qimen County, Huangshan City, Anhui Province, China

Weight: 50g/100g/250g/500g

Year: 2023
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This black tea features tightly twisted, slender leaves with a vibrant red color. The tea leaves exhibit small golden tips, maintaining their integrity and fine quality through careful processing.

Brewing Instructions:

  1. Water Temperature: It is recommended to use hot water between 90°C – 95°C (194°F – 203°F).
  2. Tea-to-Water Ratio: It is recommended to use 1 gram of tea leaves per 200 milliliters of water.
  3. Brewing Time: For the initial infusion, steep the tea for 20 – 30 seconds, then increase the steeping time by 5 – 10 seconds for subsequent infusions.

Tips: It is suggested to use transparent teaware such as glass cups or Yixing clay teapots to observe the changes in the tea leaves. Keep the teapot lid open between infusions to allow the leaves to cool and release their aroma.

Ideal Brewing Vessel:
It is recommended to use glass cups, Yixing clay teapots, or ceramic cups to brew Qimen Black Tea, preserving its flavor and aroma.

Flavor and Taste:
Qimen Black Tea offers a unique, refreshing aroma with a delightful sweetness. It has a mellow and smooth taste, accompanied by a rich and layered profile. The tea exhibits floral and fruity notes, providing a pleasant and lingering aftertaste.

Cultural Significance:
Qimen Black Tea carries a rich history and cultural significance in Chinese tea culture. As one of the representative black teas in China, it embodies the wisdom and reverence for tea culture in Chinese society.

Please store Qimen Black Tea in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place, away from strong odors and moisture. Proper storage will contribute to the tea’s aging process and quality preservation.


Grade One, Super Grade

Harvest& Year

Spring 2023


100 Grams, 250 Grams, 50 Grams, 500 Grams


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