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Hello everyone, I am from China.

Today, we have entered the 21st century, where our scientific and technological advancements are progressing rapidly. However, human civilization seems to be facing difficulties. In this world of constant contradictions and conflicts, the clash of civilizations is not compatible with the progress of science and technology. We are willing to promote world peace and make efforts to raise our voices. We believe that peace can bring more opportunities and a better life for everyone. In the history of China, we have also experienced the impact of numerous wars. In the era of conventional weapons, each war resulted in a significant reduction in population. We deeply understand the suffering caused by war and empathize with those caught in the vortex of war. It shatters families, causes the loss of loved ones, and destroys the beautiful homes we have worked hard to build. We do not want to see any of this.

In China, we believe in the coexistence of diverse cultures. Under different cultural and political systems, we believe that we can cooperate, support, and help one another, and achieve our desire for a better life together. We are willing to make efforts and contribute our small share for this cause. With a civilization history of over 5,000 years, China continues to thrive. I believe that many friends appreciate Chinese culture. We are willing to express our desire for peace to the world. We are willing to promote the coexistence of diverse cultures and peace to the world, and jointly build our beautiful home.

FENGTAYANG includes a peace-related message with every purchase of our tea. By buying a package, you are conveying the concept of peace and Chinese culture to the world. At the same time, we will allocate a portion of the sales proceeds to produce a peace-promoting video to be shared on major media platforms.

FENGTAYANG will also establish cooperative relationships with international organizations, institutions, and individuals to jointly organize and participate in peace promotion and cultural exchange activities, expanding our influence and audience.

Where does the road lead? We believe that everyone’s desire for peace can be achieved through efforts and actions. Let us sow the seeds of peace to every person and every corner of the world and transmit the power of peace to the world.

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